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Abandoned Graffitied Train Photo Shoot

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Interested in being a photographer, model, hair stylist or makeup artist during my photo shootout at an abandoned train with lots of graffiti?

I finally got approval by the owner of this railroad to host a photo shoot at this abandoned train site near O'Hare Airport!

I do not have photo sessions on or around train tracks because it's unsafe and illegal, however, this train is situated at a DEAD END and is on a NON-ACTIVE portion of the tracks. Plus, I have permission by the rail owner to be there and one of the rail's employees will be on-site to observe.

Please submit your details below and I will contact you when a date is set.

I am aiming for late September or early October weekend afternoon.

Please note, there may be a fee to participate (amount TBD). This will cover insurance for the event, permits and the rail employee's time.

Thank you!


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